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Review: The Girl With the Iron Touch

By Kady Cross


“Are you undressing me?”
“I most certainly am.”
“I can do that.”
“Obviously you can’t – because you haven’t and you stink.”
“Sorry.” – page 92

Title: The Girl With The Iron Touch
Author: Kady Cross
Book: 3 in The Steampunk Chronicles
Genre: steampunk, Teen
Found: Series
Rating: 3.5 Voodoos

Finley Jayne and her fellows fear the worst when mechanical genius Emily is kidnapped right out from under their noses. What’s left of the Machinist hungers for full life once more and he needs her skills as both mechanic and doctor to achieve this. With Griffin being tormented through the Aether they’re going to need Jack Dandy’s help. Jasper has other demands upon him and same is beside himself, searching across London. He would walk through hell for her, but there are some choices she must make – and actions she must take – alone. Like taking on the automaton chosen to take on the brain of the Machinist. It’s evolving at a supernatural speed and it won’t be long before it—she—is fully organic and a complete match for the transplant required.

Now that I’m back to the land of the well, I’m not sure if the sparkle is wearing off or if it’s simply because I wasn’t able to cram it all into one read, but I feel slightly less enamoured of this one. Perhaps it’s because the storyline is being dragged out too much? They’re having so much easy trouble from one guy. They really don’t know how to wrap things up.
And I’m not sure how I feel about the relationship developments; this IS set in a Victorian era after all and while they live in their own bubble, he’s such a significant duke, people will certainly be paying attention.
Loved the new character, I always love the ones who don’t quite get humans and society, because let’s face it, it’s all so stupid and I love how they discover it and come to terms with it all too. It not only shows a depth to the character, but also shows something of the author.

Well, one novella and one book to go!



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