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Review: Tiropitakia


Ms4Tune found this recipe, we used it as our starter for our Christmas Meal on Saturday. They were rather yummy!

One issue though, we practiced, but we really can’t say “tiropitakia”, so “little cheese pies” it is!

This recipe can be found here:

All Recipies: Tiropitakia

Not much to say about these really. We followed the recipe and it worked! The dough smelt funny when we made it, but we think that was because of the yoghurt.

We had more filling than pastry, perhaps because we didnt want to over fill them at first and we opted for the pull bits of dough off the ball method to save time and prevent waste. We didn’t get 40 out of them. I don’t think we have over 30.

One thing though, for the filling it says 1 egg, beaten twice. The second is actually what you glaze them with, you don’t put two eggs in the middle.

And this is a photo of ours,well, 4 of them…we ate the rest (And actually, these are gone now too…):





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