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Throwback Thursday: Hunter’s Moon

by C.T. Adams, Cathy Clamp
“I don’t understand.”
I’m the target. The mark. Whatever.”
“Excuse me?”
“I’m hiring you to kill me.” – page 9
Title: Hunter’s Moon
Author: C.T. Adams, Cathy Clamp
Book: 1 of the Sazi
Genre: Adult
Found: Library
Rating: 5 voodoos
Sue Quentin has reached the end of her rope-she’s desperate, and there’s only one way out. Her plan doesn’t include falling for Tony, the mysterious hit man she hires. He listens when she speaks and somehow convinces her that maybe her problems aren’t entirely insurmountable. He even thinks her little potbelly is sexy. So he’s a werewolf–everyone has flaws!
Sue enjoys being coddled by Tony, and, for his part, Tony likes the way Sue moans when he touches her. She begins to think she and Tony might have a shot at a future together, despite his unorthodox profession . . . and even though she doesn’t know his real name.
But when Tony’s enemies-not all of whom are fully human-decide Sue makes a perfect target, will Tony risk letting his darker side out during the day to save her?
I first read this book while I was at college. I found it in the library but never remembered the title (to be honest, most of the time I still don’t!) but a few years later, a kindly librarian helped me track it down and I discovered that this was part of a series!
I think my favourite part of the book is that Sue is very apologetic about who she is. She’s been brought up to believe she is a terrible excuse for a person and she is routinely taken advantage of. Upon meeting Tony, she’s her usual “hello, sorry this is me.” and his response is “Well, I rather like you.” and she really doesn’t know how to take it at first. But this allows her to come into her own and it’s an amazing transformation to see.
Of course, that’s not all the story’s about. Tony has recently become a werewolf and the person who did that to him never stuck around to explain it all through. While working out what is going on with him and Sue, he also needs to keep his head above water and hopefully find out exactly what he is. The new world he’s accidentally entered is a fascinating one. Those like him have a name and even their own police force and you really don’t want to be messing with these guys.
Last count there were eight books in this series, though it feels unfinished and I hope for more.

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