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Update: Just started another book…

deadly thorns


Those of you who have seen my goodread’s currently reading shelf recently will be asking… ‘Uh why?’ Well, currently, I have not been able to stick with a book. 5 books have so far ended up in the pile of discarded reads. My bookmarks sticking out at varying places.

These books are not bad books but for some reason my concentration and attention have been…. well a little absent.

I have high hopes for this one though. This is the second book in the series Hemlock. I was so impressed with book one (Deadly Hemlock) that I pre-ordered this one and have been patiently waiting for it’s arrival for 10 months!

Thoughts so far….

9 Chapters in….? Well Mac has been reunited with Kyle however its not as YAY! as you would imagine. They find themselves within the electric fences of Thornhill a camp for Lupine Syndrome sufferers.It’s still early on in the book but fingers crossed I will find just as much supernatural mystery and romance as I did in Deadly Hemlock and this will overcome my recent book-slump!



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