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Recipe Review: Almond Butter

deliciously ella


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Just magic!

This recipe was so easy to make it’s ridiculous! Who knew that nuts would go from dry powder to a runny sticky mix simply by continuously blending them??! I also discovered that roasted almonds are yummy!

This is certainly the recipe I’d recommend trying first as it’s used in several versatile ways and in several recipes as an ingredient. It also tastes nice on it’s own! So nice that Ella has confessed to having sat down and eaten a jar of the stuff. Can’t blame her, certainly tastes good. Ages well too! I make it at the weekend and mid way through the week seems to be it’s best time (my first batch made it no further..)

For those of you who don’t know, Ella is taking the cooking book world by storm, both here and in America. Her book is gluten free vegan, a lifestyle choice she made for health reasons that are quite frankly explained in the introduction to her book. She also has a food blog that can be found here:

Deliciously Ella

I took pictures of my process making the almond butter. At first I thought to make half in the mini blender we have, but that quickly got alarmingly hot, so I roasted some more almonds and popped them in the big one. I was utterly fascinated with the transformation! The blender still got hot, but I removed the cap and let the tube bit smoke like a comical chimney.

20150307_174510      20150307_174712

 Unfortunately my first pictures in the smaller blender were too blurry. But when you first turn it on it makes an alarming sound and goes to powder. Not long after your powder starts sticking to itself and then it gets runnyish! Please remember to keep scraping down the butter from the sides.




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