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Top Ten Tuesday: Characters We’d Like To Check In With


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish that other bloggers are welcome to join in, to create Top Ten lists on varying topics. This week it’s Top Ten Characters We’d Like To Check In With.


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1 Mary-Lynnette and Ash

These guys are from the second book in the Nightworld Series; Sisters of Darkness by L.J. Smith. Ash’s sisters move in with their aged aunt, whom Mary-Lynnette, quiet and studious, helps. When their aunt disappears and things start happening about the place, Mary-Lynnette is suspicious and during her snooping she comes across Ash, A dangerous party animal, he’s her opposite and her perfect match. I know there’s a story on-line somewhere and perhaps eventually we’ll get the last book, but it wont be the same. I read a little of the on-line novella which I think was written some years after the original book, but it didn’t seem to be quite the same characters so I stopped. Without giving too much away, their story was the only one unresolved and I really wanted to see them get their happily ever after.

2 Katniss and Peeta

From The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, these ones are well known! But I feel we were cheated. Most of the last book was a week and then their sketchy future was nothing more than a paragraph. I want to know what goes on afterwards. I know we have the last film still and hopefully we’ll get some of that futures with the last instalment but it’s not quite the same. I have so many unanswered questions, the main one being did Peeta ever find himself again?

3 Lily and James Potter

Harry Potters parents! From the Harry Potter series, of course, by J.K. Rowling. I know we haven’t REALLY seen them and it’s already their future we’ve seen, but I’d like to have seen their past! Because lets face it, James was a complete idiot and Lily had standards. So what happened?! They’re my favourite couple, they seem so in love from what we see of them and I just wish we could see how all that hated they started with turned into that passion.

4 Leigh and Nahuel

From the Twilight Saga by by Stephenie Meyer. As much as I’ve grown to dislike these books I still wonder about these two. He was going to return when Renesmee was old enough because he’d never seen a female like him, except his sisters but she already had her life mate. However, the way it was all written made it seem like Leigh was a surprise for a reason, an evolutionary surprise to make the pack stronger. What better reason could there be than to form a bond with the half vampire half human male? Did this happen? I’d love to know if Leigh finally got a happy ending.

5 Everyone! Mostly Sage

If you’ve been about on our blog before, chances are you’ll know I love The Ascendance Trilogy by Jennifer A. Nielsen. If you haven’t read it yet, I can’t tell you why, if you have, you know exactly why! But we got to the end of the series and all was well – or as well as it can be. the war was done but then what? In comparison, life afterwards would be a very different sort of adventure for them all and I’d love to see just how well they take to it. Hopefully Sage settles and stops finding trouble! I wonder what sort of father he’d make too, considering his own…


I really struggled with this weeks top ten because most of the characters I’d like to check in with are actually in series that I haven’t finished yet. But I have found these…

lost dogs  vessel  soulprint  of metal  frozen charlotte

6 Natalie, Johnny and their amazing Basset Hound Bertie

These were characters in Lucy Dillon’s book Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts. It followed numerous broken people on their quest to repair their broken or lonely hearts. They all find a place in their hearts for a rejected dog and find a future. It was heartwarming and sweet. Natalie and Johnny were trying for a baby but it just wasn’t happening, and their relationship was failing because of it. Then they adopt Bertie, the most accident prone basset hound ever! I’d love to see where they are now. Whether they adopted in the end? But more importantly I’d love to hear all hilarious situations Bertie has dragged them into since the end of Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts.

7 Liyana, Korbyn and the Emperor

Liyana and Korbyn were from Vessel by Sarah Beth Durst. Korbyn was a trickster god in a human body and Liyana was the vessel for a goddess that has gone missing. They traveled across the deserts in search of answers and Liyana’s goddess isn’t the only one that’s gone missing. There is war, glass serpant’s, sandwolves and other amazing details that make this world wonderful! I would love to revisit and find out what the Lyana, Korbyn and the Emperor have achieved.

8 Alina

Soulprint by Megan Miranda was an interesting take on reincarnation. Alina found herself locked away because in her previous life she had made ‘bad’ decisions. Soulprint followed Alina on her journey to prove her innocence. I’d love to find out what she did once she was free to live her life.

9 Wen, Melik and Bo

I have recently discovered this is going to get a sequel so I will actually get to find out what happened to Wen and Melik after they escaped the burning remains of the factory at the end of Of Metal and Wishes by Sarah Fine. Melik left Wen at the end because it wasn’t safe for him, as a Noor, to stay in the city. I’m so happy there will be a sequel I just hope its as good as book one!

10 The Frozen Charlottes

I don’t know whether this would be a good thing or not… There are two obvious problems with the idea of a sequel for Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell, one The Charlottes scared the shit out of me so it could be an amazing sequel if handled properly however it could also end up like Zanthura – the Jamanji Sequel… you know, just shockingly bad… Either way something in me would like to check in with the Charlottes, perhaps, so I know where they are!

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