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Review: Before Midnight

By Jennifer Blackstream



“I can teach you to control it.”
“You do not control a wild animal. It tears its way out of my body and steals my life for hours at a time.” -70%

Title: Before Midnight
Author: Jennifer Blackstream
Book: 1 of Blood Prince
Genre: Adult, paranormal
Found: Free Kindle book on Amazon
Rating: 4.5 voodoos

Etienne is a wolf-prince in need of a werewolf. The spell of a well-meaning witch is slowly turning him human and his last hope is to find a cursed werewolf, one not born to the life and persuade them to bite him before the next full moon wanes or he will be human forever. As his powers weaken, threats around their kingdom close in, hoping to nip at their heels. He refuses to let them and can’t let anything distract him from his goal. Not even a beautiful maiden who protects orphaned wolf-cubs as if they were her own. His last hope is that a Cursed Wolfe will be found at the Royal Ball on the night of the full moon as they try to leave…

Loupe always dreamed having her own family to love her and be loved by her. A family to take her away from her gruesome slave like existence forced upon her by her stepmother. Those dreams ended the day she was bitten by a werewolf. Unable to control it, she knows she can never share a bed with a man, let alone a life, for fear of losing control and hurting him. She certainly can’t let handsome and kind Etienne crumble her resolve, even if he does care for her adopted pups as much as she. And she certainly can’t attend his ball…

But that’s not all this book is about, the first book in a series of 5 about ‘The Blood Princes’, this is the Cinderella one. Each based on a fairy-tale, a prophecy links them. We have to read on to find out how!

I really liked this! I got it as a free kindle book from amazon, it involved shifters and sounded like it had an interesting plot, not until later did I discover the fairy-tale connection. Two of my favourite things in one book! So excited! Unfortunately as yet only 3 have been written…

The writing of this story flowed well, I didn’t get distracted with phrases or things out of place, it moved with a decent pace, not snagging anywhere and gave enough information to make you want to read the next one. Which I will. Right now….



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