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Review: Hung Up

By Kristen Tracy

Hung Up


‘Can you fall in love with a voice?’

Title: Hung Up
Author: Kristen Tracy
Book: Standalone
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary
Found: Pulseit.com
Rating: 2 voodoos

Lucy is chasing up an order of a plaque. She has left numerous messages on the phone number given on the website only to receive a call back from a guy named James… who informs her that she has the wrong number. Gradually Lucy and James beginning to build up a friendship, over the phone. But when James suggests meeting up Lucy becomes a little withdrawn. Both are hiding secrets from each other but will they both understand when the truth comes out?

This was a strange little story. I couldn’t quite decide if I was impressed or slightly annoyed by the way it was written. Basically its just the two sides of a phone conversation. Only what is said. None of the thoughts or emotions or story background you would usually find in a book. It made it difficult for me to connect with the two characters. The twists were ok and it was quick and easy to read. But that was about it, it was fun, not earth-moving.

I read it free on pulseit.com so it wasn’t to bad but I don’t think I would have paid for it. Sorry.



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