What’s In The Box: Book Box Club – July 2017



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River Song knows the situation.
This is an UN-BOXING post.

We like stuff.
We LOVE book stuff like BOOK BOXES!
Join us on Sundays where we’re just bursting with excitement as we show off our new book stuff!
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BOOKBOX CLUB is a monthly UK based book subscription box. Each box contains a gift-wrapped new YA book release chosen for its sheer brilliance, an invitation to their top-secret monthly online book club, hand-picked goodies created by crafty types and exclusive author content to bring you closer to the brains behind the books. It costs £27.99 a month, or £25 a month if you select a pre-paid multiple month option. UK postage is free, international posting will be additional.

july 17 bookbox

In this box we got:

1.The Disappearances by Emily Bain Murphy
2. Spells and Remedies Bunting by The Literary Omnistore
3.Wonders bookmark by Holly Grace Illustration
4. Hocus Focus tea by The BlueBird Tea Company
5. Raven Boys soap by JustFribble
6.Unashamedly bookish mirror by Moon Kestrel
‘Bookish goodies’ – samples and bookmarks – thanks to Hot Key Books and Usborne Books


My thoughts:

I’ve not heard of this book so I’m interested in finding out how it relates to the theme of this box!
The book mark is beautiful and apparently suffering from reflection in this photograph. Can’t believe I missed that! Luckily the close up on Instagram doesn’t suffer the same issue…
Apparently there were two different soaps available, Crabeswater or Fox Way. I got Fox Way, it doesn’t really have a strong smell – at least not that I can smell through the wrap -which is nice and it’s made with shea butter!
Honestly I have so many hand mirrors now it’s just crazy and I don’t even use them. I will either have to start handing them out to everyone I meet or I’ll have to donate them or something.
I’m also over run with bookish tea! I Have a tea routine and I actively have to plan for bookish teas…I’m not good with plans.
The bunting is interesting! My favourite parts are the starry triangles – they glow in the dark!
And the sample that you can’t actually see is the one I’m most interested in reading – S.T.A.G.S. by M A Bennett

I quite liked this box. The only thing that I’m not sure what to do with is the mirror, I may put the bunting at the foot of my bed! It may freak unsuspecting people out when it glows – that’s what glow in the dark stuff does to ME at any rate, I always forget it glows ’till I turn out the lights…

(Gallery to go up on Instagram around the same time as this post)

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