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Throwback Thursday – Naughty Chocolate Fudge Cake

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This week’s Throwback is a frankly scrummy Chocolate Fudge Cake which is a member recipe from BBC Good Food. I would just like to point out I am not a fan of chocolate cake, but I do like this one!

The full recipe can be found here: Naughty Chocolate Fudge Cake. I’ve made this cake so many times now, it’s quite simple and quick. Add the dry ingredients to a bowl and mix, then add the wet ones and beat well before adding to your cake tins/cupcake cases etc. I have to admit, I’m heavy handed with the cocoa powder in this, I use heaped spoons, and I mean HEAPED. Probably ends up double what is listed. And if there is only a little left in the tub I add that too…
(yes, you can turn it into cupcakes, but cooking time will be different, remember to check them after 10 minutes then after 5 more etc)


But my absolute favourite is from the fridge with spiked icing! I don’t know why, it seems more fun. Tastes the same of course, but the outside will be almost hard. (at least as hard as butter ever gets)


Making this cake gluten free is just a case of swapping out the flour as pure cocoa powder is free from gluten anyway. Making it dairy free is a little harder as you need to swap out the butter and the milk. I have tried it with chocolate rice milk and sunflower oil spread. It tasted all right on the day, but afterwards they tasted oily – the oil was a little old, but I would recommend adjusting the milk/oil ratio, more milk than oil. As to the icing, tasted the same.

I love this recipe and several people have asked for it from me! The trouble is, as the title involves ‘naughty’ it doesn’t get through the security filters at work! haha



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