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Top Ten Tuesday: ALL TIME Favourite Authors


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish that other bloggers are welcome to join in, to create Top Ten lists on varying topics. This week it’s Top Ten ALL TIME Favourite Authors.


I’ve chosen authors whose work I own a lot of, but also ones that I’m pretty convinced that I’m likely to pre-order anything new from them from now on. To be honest though, most of these fall into both of those categories…

1 Sebastien de Castell

Books I own and have read/need to read: Greatcoats 1-2

 I’ve read all he has to offer so far and my only disappointment is that I now have to wait for more. I’ve only recently found him, thanks to netgalley but he definitely deserves to be on this list! I just find his work so interesting and his characters so brave and funny. I can’t wait to see what else we’ll get.

2 Marissa Meyer

Books I own and have read/need to read: The Lunar Chronicles 0.5-3 and 3.1-4

 I own and have read all of her books so far (excluding fairest, I’m waiting for winter so I can re read the whole set! Can’t wait!) and 3.2 which I cant find. I’m also excited about her new series. I thin I’ll be obsessively ordering any book she brings out. So far I’ve found her work to be refreshing and imaginative.

3 Tamora Pierce

Books I own and have read/need to read: The Tortall Series 1-17 (three future works) and The Emelan Series 1-11 (one future work)

I’m pretty sure I’ve read all over her books and I’ve loved all but 1. (the latest one doesn’t actually contain the events it’s supposed to. An issue that going back and filling in a gap can cause) and the reason I’ve put the prospective future works on my list is because I’ll be buying them as soon as pre-ordering is available. But I have to wait at least 1 more year before that can happen….

4 Mercedes Lackey

Books I own and have read/need to read: The Valdemar series 1-9 and 10-14 and 15-33,  The Elemental Masters 1, Obsidian Universe Series 1-3, Dragon Jousters 1-4, One Dozen Daughters series 1, The Fairy Tales series 1-2, The Five Hundred Kingdoms series 1-4 and 5-6.

Well, I own more of her books than I thought! A lot of them were published a while back and it’s hard to find copies of them unless it’s from amazon sellers. However the newest ones seem to have new covers and whilst in London with Ms4Tune, we discovered that the Valdemar series may just be getting new covers. If it’s the entire series, I may have to slowly replace them. I like them to match and the old ones go to charities – it’s my charitable donation!  But I do love the Valdemar series and the Dragon Jousters, I can’t say how many times I’ve re-read them. I generally buy her books as they come out and stock them up for a rainy day…

5 Nora Roberts

Books I own and have read/need to read: most of, if not all of the trilogies/quartets. 

I love Nora Roberts male characters and how they interact with each other. They’re tough and they’re caring and they’re themselves, whomever that may be. Though I tend to prefer her series sets to the stand-alones and I find that they tend to have better story-lines that wrap up well. I have my favourites and I periodically find myself thinking of them. I cant wait for her next lot, whatever they will be, it’s pretty much guaranteed that I’ll be buying her next series too.



What I classify as an ALL TIME favourite author – An author who’s work I must own, regardless of other peoples ratings, whether I have read the blurb or actually scene a cover. If the book exists it must be MINE!

6 Gena Showalter

Books I own and have read/need to read: Lords of the Underworld series #1-11, Angels of Darkness series #1-3 and White Rabbit Chronicles #1 and 2

What I enjoy about Gena Showalter’s writing is the relationships her characters develop. They always seem so broken and lost and find salvation through love and friendship. I also like that she brings in an element such as Greek Mythology (in her LotU series) and spins it around to create something new and exciting.

7 Sarah Fine

Books I own and have read/need to read : Guards of the Shadowlands Trilogy #1-3, Of Metal and Wishes #1 (and 2 is on order!) and Servants of Fate #1 and 2

Sarah Fine has an amazingly dark and twisted imagination. Her characters can sometimes become a bit whiny when it comes to romances but her settings are always impressive. I really loved that her new series, Servants of Fate, was an adult series as her romances were able to take that next step!

8 Trudi Canavan

Books I own and have read/need to read: Black Magician’s Trilogy #1-3, Magician’s Apprentice, Age of Five Trilogy #1-3, Traitors Spy Trilogy #1-3 and Thief’s Magic

Currently this is all of her work… soooo yes, I love her. She has wonderfully rich storylines. Even when they are slow, they are still interesting.

9 Laini Taylor

Books I own and have read/need to read: Daughter of Smoke and Bone #1-3, Faeries of Dreamdark series #1 and 2 and Lips Touch (book of short stories)

I fell completely and totally in love with Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Laini Taylors writing is so magical and her characters are always well-developed. She’s not afraid to make her readers cry and I can honestly say my heart still aches. I’ve just started Lips Touch so I’m hoping for the same kind of magic.

10 Jojo Moyes

Books I own and have read/need to read: Ship of Brides, Me Before You, The Girl You left Behind, The Last Letter from Your Lover, Silver Bay, Sheltering Rain, Foreign Fruit, The Horse Dancer, Night Music and Peacock Emporium

Jojo Moyes is my go to author when I need a break from all of the fantasy I like so much. Her writing is refreshing, its not too heavy and is always optimistic. That just hit me as being really odd as her books nearly always involve some kind of loss or bereavement, and yet its true. There is always hope and new life to be found in her stories and they always leave me happy and uplifted.

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6 comments on “Top Ten Tuesday: ALL TIME Favourite Authors

  1. amyh90

    I can’t believe you have Nora Roberts and Trudi Canavan on your list too! I love them too, I’ll have to take a look at your other authors, I always need new reading material. Thank you!

    1. Ms4Tune

      Hi Amy, It’s always good to find some one with the same kind of taste! Do you have the link to your Top Ten? I’d love to see the rest of your list!

      1. amyh90

        Hi again! Here’s my list :D Maybe we’ll both find some new favourite authors huh? :D lol. Can’t wait to get reading.

  2. Cait

    Laini Taylor?! YESSSS. I LOVE HER. I still haven’t read Dreams of Gods and Monsters partly because I loved the first two so much, I don’t want the series to end and know I have no more books from her. *cries* I’m also a BIG fan of Marissa Meyer! CANNOT WAIT FOR WINTER.
    Here’s my TTT!

    1. Paein

      Hi Cait! I can’t wait either! Planning to re-read all the others JUST before it comes out so that I can read it as soon as I get it!
      Loved your list! Snow like Ashes was amazing! And I’m just about to read Talon!

    2. Ms4Tune

      Hi Cait, I totally understand. Once I finished Dreams of Gods and Monsters I got that hollow feeling like… that’s it, it’s all gone! :( But I think you should read it. It’s painful but worth it. I hope you enjoy it!

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