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Review: The Secrets of Grim Wood

by R. L. LaFevers

the secrets of Grim wood pamsthree

 ”Why didn’t Marolas know this?”
“Because he is a new smith. My faveily have been smiths for hundreds of years. We have passed these ta;es frp, father to son for as far back as we cam remember.”
- page 107.

Title: The Secrets of Grim Wood
Author: R.L.LaFevers
Publishd By: Penguin Young Readers Group
Book: #2 of Lowthar’s Blade
Genre: Teen/High Fantasy
Found: series
Rating: 3 Voodoos

Young Kenric has helped dethrone the evil Lord Mordig and return the true king to power in Lowthar. Now the king requires Kenric to travel to Grim Wood, the realm of the hostile Fey people. He needs their cooperation in the quest for the blade of power that will protect the land. With the help of the Fey girl Linwe, Kenric tries to uncover the secrets surrounding the blade. But there is trouble everywhere they turn. Along with Book I, The Forging of the Blade, this concise and action-packed second volume of the Lowthar’s Blade Trilogy forms a bridge for young readers to the classics of high fantasy.


My review for book 1 can be found HERE.

Part two pretty much continues from the end of book 1 and it’s time to return to the Fey realm. Just like book 1 this is a fast based fantasy for a younger audience. I’m enjoying the lack of complexity within these books. We’ve picked up another princess and if this was a more adult book, not only would there be a love triangle, but someone would be over dramatic and princess-y. As it happens, they all just get on with it! Except Kenric, he keeps going back to find people…

This part of the story explores the lives of the Fey and their culture. To get all the answers, of course, we need to continue onto book 3 to meet the goblins. I wonder if we’ll pick up a prince along the way or if they’ll have a princess too…

There’s not much to be said about this book really without giving away half the plot, though I kept forgetting they were Fey because they live very much the way elves do in my mind. This whole world seems quite small, almost like there’s only a few villages of humans and a few of Fey about the place, however this could be simply because the book is aimed at a younger audience. It almost felt like we were going backwards to go forward, but we are getting closer to The True Blade of Power! See what I did there? haha…



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