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Make It Monday: Button Decorations



time for some christmas-y craft!

So I had a bunch of buttons lying around:


I’m half joking, I had them lying around but for exactly this purpose but my original intent was for a bunch of people to be making them at the same time too, but never mind.

20151129_172202 20151129_173620 20151129_174458

I used wire, I decided that it was nice and sturdy and easy to double thread through buttons. I then built the trunk and the tree so that I had all of the buttons I needed to hand then I simply threaded them through one at a time. On the buttons with 4 holes I’d thread through the diagonal ones so top left and bottom right. Once I had the whole tree on I twisted the two wire bits together and then added a yellow flower button because I had no stars. Then I used the last of the wire to make a loop so that I can hang it on the tree when we get it up!

20151129_181358 20151129_181513

I also made a small one and after I’d built it I laid the buttons out to make it easier to thread it on and that was pretty fun.  I also made a snowman, following the same method. I built him up, in three piles because the snowman would fall down otherwise…
I added a red one for the ‘scarf’ and then I added a red one after the large black one that was the brim of the hat to be the coloured band on his top hat! Then I laid it out again. Once I’d threaded them all on I twisted it together and made a loop again.

20151129_183949 20151129_184126

I also made a wreath! But I didn’t have red buttons so it looked a little weird. It didn’t have a loop because it was a loop…I threaded the wire back through a few buttons to keep it sturdy.


This was pretty fun and super quick! Not to mention they look pretty amazing too. My friend bought one of these last year for £4, which is a big mark up too!



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